Static Website Designing

Today, business scenario is quite different. You cannot avoid online presence as it plays a vital role. Whatever the business you have started, unless there is a website and proper SEO, you are not known to people. In order to have quality website which is attractive and visually appeal to the customers, professional web designers are required. We have been in industry for last 10 years and offering high-standard website services to customers all over the world. Be it, graphic designing, software like Java, PHP, Flash, Adobe, we apply and design apt portals to make it visual to hundreds and thousands of people every day. We got good reputation in the market for reliability and time delivery. We have a highly capable graphic designers and developers who can meet all your business needs in designing websites.

Dynamic Website Designing

With great advancement in technology, static websites are being overshadowed by the dynamic websites as one can find various tools and options available for business needs. Why dynamic websites are preferred by the professionals is that they can be easily operated and maintained by people without depending on experts. We know that small time companies can use static websites but when it comes to high interactivity, static websites do not match up to the needs that are required in business. Scalability and content update are the major issues which can be done easily by the dynamic websites.

Visualwaves is the premier dynamic website designing company which can offer numerous clients across the globe. We build websites with advanced features such integrated search engines and well-specialized functionalities to meet your business needs.

Php Web Development

PHP is known for its versality. This framework is used in developing any sort of portal. Once you look at websites which are popular across the globe like Facebook, Wikipedia and Twitter have been developed by using PHP. A PHP web development is very smooth and simple to work on.

By considering the fact, our professional team of PHP will help you out as you want to build website. We have been in the market for almost a decade and developed hundreds of site with PHP. We assure you for offering quality services with all possibilities.

Wordpress Development

The reason for developing wordpress website is to have flexibility for the owners to update, edit and change or modify content of your website in convenient way. One of the best features of the wordpress website is that you just no need to approach the technical expert to get advice. One can operate without facing any hurdles.

We are professional website designing company and as per the requirement, wordpress website will be built. Apart of building quality sites, we are affordable to customers to build the wordpress websites that you are looking forward to.

Responsive Website Development

Day by day, the trend of mobile usage is increasing so companies are coming forward to developing responsive websites for their online business to have great boost in their website traffic. Whether you have dynamic website or ordinary HTML website, turning to mobile website development can be great scope to have immense benefits. Since the mindset of internet users is gradually changing, people want to website in their smartphones.

Responsive websites is improved methods of carrying out business through online. As business owners to have potential customers, responsive websites are indispensable. That is where Visualwaves has come to help you to out for developing responsive website that is exactly you need for your business growth.

Html5 Website Development

HTML 5 has great features and capabilities. It is widely preferred as it has awesome features covering video and graphics. HTML5 is suggested due to its incredible responsive. HTML5 has enrolled feature bolster following 5 years of serious task while Google's Chrome program is equipped for doing anything from feature labels to feature transfers with HTML5. Web Explorer 8 likewise brags of elements impacted by HTML5 including AJAX navigation.

Visualwaves is said to be best in developing by using HTML5 with a right approach to meet your business needs.

Site Maintenance

Be it a business of any size, maintenance of website is important to give positive impact either on the services or product to customers. Whether it is uploading content or images, up to date approach can be good sign to customers always. That shows your work strategy and commitment toward the business that offer services to customers. If you are not able do it yourself, don’t worry, we will take care of it.

Visualwaves is one of the best website developing company which can provide round the clock services to our valued customers. Whatever the firm you have, we match up your expectations in services.

Website Re-designing

How to know, when you need to call Visual Waves for re-designing your website :
  • Analyze your website not being its owner rather being a visitor. Does the design of your website appeal to you?
  • Is your website user-friendly? Can the important navigational menus and the various links on your website be located easily?
  • Is your website fresh with latest updates and contemporary look and does not contain obsolete images or layout design?
  • Is your website successful in portraying a proficient illustration of your business?
  • Is your website Web 2.0 ready and W3C compliant?
  • Is your website compatible with all modern browsers?
  • Does the design of your website compete equally well with your competitor's website?
Tips before redesigning of website :
  • Know the reason for re-design
  • Research the latest technologies before redesign
  • Redefine goals and future vision of your company
  • Take a backup of your old website first
  • First work on the great content to suite the present Business scenario
  • Create a sitemap and user friendly navigation
  • Make a website SEO friendly
  • Make sure the website is error and bug free
  • Test the website carefully before launching it
Redesigned website should contain :
  • Fast loading of home page with low resolution graphical elements and flash objects
  • Clear navigation
  • Clear layout design
  • Your website should be compatible to all the resolutions
  • It should be latest browsers compatible
  • Good looking readable and professional fonts
  • Minimum use of images
  • Should be search engine friendly
  • Your website should provide something valuable to user
  • Your website will be compatible to latest web2.0 technology

To get your website re-designed adhering to the latest web trends, technologies and patterns, contact us today!



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